Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The big city

When you live in a small town
you learn to do without.
No chain restaurants in the area
the nearest is 25 minutes away.
The closest shopping mall is
 has JC Pennys and Dillards
that is it for 100 miles.

Both of our children live
in big cities.
One is in Maryland outside of DC
the other near Tacoma.

My life experience has mostly been in a big city
except here- and we CHOSE to move back here.
Phoenix, Wuerzburg, Washington DC, Indianapolis,
Milford, Monterey, Hong Kong, Honolulu
Riyadh, and finally the beginning of small town-
Flagstaff and now Milford again.

We actually live 10 miles from the small town here.

Missing the amenities of a big city
can be a drag to your life at times.
It is a long drive to Church.
We shop on line, almost exclusively, for clothing.
Finding shoes are a particular problem.
We do not have the option of finding anything we want
when ever we want it. 24 hour stores- you are dreaming.
Better get those rain boots while they are on the shelves.

Off we go to the city today.
We will walk to the church!
The shopping bug has hit, but we will have little time.
Costco, Safeway (ohhh- how I miss Safeway!),
a liquor store with more than two kinds of beer,
Norstroms, Macys, Crate and Barrel, REI.
We will hit them all.
Don't forget the trip to Ivar's on the dock!
It will be a set of short trips to each
getting ready for the wedding.

Do you think my mind can take in the stimulation?
How about my pocket book?

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