Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moving forward

Finding how to move forward takes time.
Some have found that they are totally prepared for retirement.
They have their hobbies lined up,
their social schedule set,
and jump right in.

That is what all the experts suggest
That was not me.

Retirement came as a jolt to the system.
Overworked, under paid and just tired
along with the full force of menopause
I quit my job
my calling
my everyday living and breathing position.

Last year I did nothing
Lots of sitting and staring out the window.

Picked up a side job or two
but at the end of the day
otherwise nothing

Worried at first
wasting time is not in my family vocabulary

Slowly, the emergence has begun.
Looking around like a kid-
enjoying the squirrels and trees and turkeys

Went to my old school
Helped out a few teachers
Came home and thought
"that is not it".

I am ready to move forward.

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