Monday, August 29, 2011

I never thought of myself as a food.

Gooey peanut butter (with lumps) and sweet jelly.
Whole grained wheat bread.
Smooshed together like a toddler would eat.

We fly out tomorrow for our son's wedding.
As parents of the groom we are doing the traditional
not the norm these days.
We are paying for the photographer
and the honeymoon.
Not a cheap escape
but this kid put himself through university
so it is what we are going to do.

The week after we are home
I will drive 1200 miles to my mother's.
Driving is expensive
but renting a car after flying is also expensive.
Having my own car is important.

My mother is moving to an independent living apartment
in a continuing care facility.
Her choice.
Last time mom lived in an apartment was 64 years ago
one semester
at college.
It is going to be a change- big time.

My local sibs know that I am retired
so it is my duty to go out and move her.
Actually, I love being with mom so it is not a chore.
I will stay with her
and then inventory her house
beginning the march to selling what she does not need.

Mom chose this particular place to live
because my brothers (who never call)
said it would be a much more convenient place for them to stop in.
Right now they live 2 miles each from mom
and they never stop in.
This place is not any closer....

There is a sister who does live about 30 miles away
that does everything that she can to keep my mom afloat
She and I double team mom
Why cannot the other two chip in?

I'll be staying with mom a month
it is a long time to be gone from home.
Usually I don't mind
but September is the best month of the year in Kansas.
And since my husband and I have finally reconnected
a month- the best month- will be hard to swallow.

But off I go.

Me- smooshed in the middle
trying to balance bumpy finances & sweet family
between the rough and tasty part of my life.

A sandwich.

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