Monday, August 22, 2011

Sitting on the sidelines

We made a decision to sit out the market.
It is difficult to do.
We have made tremendous gains in the last four years.
Almost as much as one of us working full time.
But the time came
That we were up too early in the morning
and too late at night
wringing hands and wondering
if we would begin to lose principle.
We are only 10% in right now
So our new split is
70/20/10 Cash/bonds/stocks
We will wait until the next election is about to happen
to buy in again.
We think that US corporations are more willing to let the ship go down
without them
then risk any savings on the ship!


  1. The stock market is a crazy ride, for sure. We've stopped our 401K, not because we are scared, but we want an emergency fund first. All the money we lost in 2008 came back, until this last major decrease, but I imagine it will come back again. We are conservative investors, for sure, but we are hoping in about 20 years time we will have enough to live off of.

  2. Sounds like you have a plan Sharon
    Good job.
    Those emergency funds have saved us more than once
    from going into debt.