Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heat, Rain and the price of corn!

We had our share of heat this summer.
Often it was warmer in Kansas
than it was for my family in Tucson.

The heat was so bad that the largest lake in Kansas,
our neighborhood "pond"
is now filled with blue green algae

The rains have finally come
but they are too late for the corn fields by my house
Don't worry- the farmers all have federal crop insurance
And we will simply pay more for corn in the winter.
And then we will pay more taxes in the fall to keep
them in corn next year.

I am buying my feed corn for the turkeys now
Wild turkeys often turn to us for feed in the winter
Buying it before the price skyrockets will help us all get
through the winter grays

Like the stock market
buy low, sell high
although I will be "using high".
Just like the stock market
I am not willing to buy corn when the price goes up
Even if they are cute turkeys.

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